Club Jubilee Afternoon Club


Learning experiences for life

At Club Jubilee children are presented with new mental and physical experiences which help them grow into confident, happy individuals. Club Jubilee has been running for over 30 years and aims to create an environment where children can develop their physical, mental and social skills.

Exciting Ventures

Every afternoon is filled with a variety of enjoyable and entertaining activities that are also designed to develop and nurture the children’s abilities. The fact that we have so many children coming back year after year shows just how much they love this programme! The Afternoon Club starts in September and runs throughout the school year.

Just the Facts

The Time

Every afternoon from 1 until 5. Monday Year 4; Tuesday Year 1; Wednesday Year 2; Thursday Years 5&6; Friday Year 3.

The Social

Activities which promote team building, trust and interaction

The Staff

Our dedicated team of experienced specialists who also run the Summer Camp and School Trips

The Ethos

To improve the children’s health, give them new experiences and facilitate friendships – all in a stimulating environment

The Mind

Study area and staff to supervise homework and give help when needed

The Body

Different physical activities to develop general fitness, coordination and skills

Give your child a Club Jubilee Experience every week

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