Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we visit them whenever we want or is there a special day for visiting?

No! We are so busy having fun that we don’t have time for visitors.

What is the night-time security?

The hotel is securely locked and we have staff on duty all night.

If my child wakes up at night and needs help will they be able to find someone?

There is staff on each floor and the children are made aware of where to find them at any time.

If there is an accident do you have a doctor?

We have qualified staff in first aid and a hospital very close by.

What do I do about medication my child is taking?

All medication must be handed in clearly marked with instructions to be administered. If a child needs any medical treatment during their stay you will be contacted before it is administered.

If my child is not feeling very well who looks after them?

We have first aid qualified staff, and also a qualified member of staff dedicated to looking after unwell children. She is the children’s “second mum” at the camp and will contact you if to discuss your child’s health.

Can my child bring an iPad to help him go to sleep?

No, we actively discourage electronics, and the children are so tired from all the fun and activities they do in the day they will not need help to sleep, they are welcome to bring a book.

How can I speak to my child?

You can call them between 6 and 7 pm everyday except Thursday, when we have campfire. If you need to speak to them at any other time you can call Jenny on 99366637 and she will arrange it.

Can they bring their mobile phone?

They can bring a mobile but it must be always kept in their room and we ask you to respect bedtimes so as not to disturb the other children in the room.

What if they don’t want to go on the hikes?

If there is a strong reason why they can’t hike of course they don’t have to do it, but they will be missing out on a wonderful experience and the hikes are all age-appropriate. We do encourage the children to take part in all the activities, so they get the full enjoyment of the holiday.

Do they need a sleeping bag?

Only the OJ’s, Grade 9, need a sleeping bag which we can provide if you don’t have one.

Do they have to do all the activities?

To get the full enjoyment from the camp it is best to participate in everything.

What if they do not like the food?

The food is very child friendly, but we cater to all dietary requirements and all the children have to do is check the menu and then ask for an alternative if there is a problem.

Can my child be in a team with his friends?

The teams are made up by mixing the children from each room so they make new friends. There is plenty of free time and when the teams are altogether, so they are with their friends most of the time.

Will I share a room with stranger’s if we don’t have four children in our group?

All our rooms are for four children so depending on numbers there is a chance they will be sharing with children they haven’t met before, but Club Jubilee is all about making new friendships!

Do we have to come with our own age group if we have no friends in that group, but we have friends coming from other age groups?

It is always advisable to come with your own age group as the activities are tailor-made to suit the age.

Can we pay for membership before we have attended the camp, so we are guaranteed a place?

No, membership is a reward and loyalty scheme, which only children who attended the previous year are invited to.

If my child’s English is not very good will he manage?

The staff with the younger age groups are mostly bilingual in English and Greek. The camp language is English and it is a great way to improve language skills. However, they do need to be able to understand and communicate in basic English.

Do you make sure they wash and shower?

The children have an allocated shower time every day.

Are there rooms cleaned daily?

The children are encouraged to keep their room tidy and a hotel staff member cleans the room and the bathroom every day.

Can we come for two weeks?

Unfortunately not. We have a very high demand, so this gives all the children a chance to come on holiday.

Can we send food with the children in case they don’t like the food you provide?

We encourage healthy eating and have a very balanced menu. So, unless it is for a medical reason, we prefer you do not send extra food. Especially junk food!

Do you have a anti bullying policy?

Yes, we have a zero-tolerance policy.

How much free time do they have?

The children have free time at breaks in both the morning and afternoon, at lunch time and before and after dinner.

Do they have to swim?

No, but it is always encouraged as they do such fun activities.

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