Covid-19 Safety Measures

  • All Club Jubilee and Hotel staff are holders of a valid up to date Safe Pass.
  • All children must have a valid up to date Safe Pass.
  • The Jubilee Hotel strictly follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Club Jubilee  follows all relevant guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Tourism.
  • All facillities used have been checked that they follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
  • Children are separated before boarding buses into groups and teams (bubbles) according to age, room sharing, schools and home location.
  • Children have their temperature taken, wear a mask and are  sanitised before entry to the bus. They sit in their bubbles.
  • Children remain in their bubbles for all meals, activities and breaks.
  • The groups and teams operate independently of each other as far as possible.
  • All  activities are spaced out by using different locations and different time schedules.
  • All activities take place outside.
  • Masks are carried at all times and are compulsory during transportation, inside the hotel and during activities.
  • Anybody displaying any sign of being unwell is immediately isolated and parents informed.
  • Only staff and participants are allowed on the premises.

Safety First

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