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Spend summer working in sunny Cyprus

Club Jubilee has been in operation for over 35 years catering for over 100 children per week. The first 2 weeks in July are for years 4-6 primary school children, and the last 2 weeks for years 7-9 secondary children.

The camp takes place at the Jubilee Hotel on the top of Mount Olympus. We have

An indication of the Camp’s popularity is that we never advertise and over 85% of our children are repeats and there are waiting lists are always full!

When the children arrive, they are split into teams of about 10. This is to provide a format for the activities and also promote

team spirit, group co-operation, reliance on others etc.

Your main job is to act as a team leader, responsible for your team. Cypriot children are well behaved, and we have few, if any discipline problems. They are highly motivated, their enthusiasm is infectious and they speak good English!

The benefits for you working here are many.

Firstly, you will have a brilliant time, working in a wonderful environment high in the Troodos mountains.

Secondly. You get paid for this experience! About €800 plus your flights, accommodation and food at the hotel.

In addition, you have Saturday afternoon and Sunday off each week when you can visit other towns in Cyprus, have a night out on Saturday and a complete relax at the beach on Sunday.

Finally, you are joining a well-established and highly organised professional team where you will receive full support and encouragement to develop your skills, not only working intimately with individual children in your team but also working with large groups outdoors.

The fact that so many of our staff return for a second, third and even fourth time shows how enjoyable and valuable they believe the work to be.

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